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8 Sets Venn Diagram PowerPoint Template

The 8 Sets Venn Diagram PowerPoint Template is a graphical illustration to present the similarity index of various sets or groups of data. The similarity index visually depicts the standard components among multiple data sets. It is used for logical problem solving and reasoning. The Venn Diagram template shows a flower-shaped arrangement of different elements. Each group is color-coded separately, where the darker shade of the color represents more similarity.

In this template, there are two layouts of the 8-sets Venn diagram. The layout on the first slide deep digs the similarities of each data set, and it contains three intersections in dotted circles on the flower-shaped figure. At each junction, the professionals can explain the detailed likeness of the information groups. While moving from core to outer boundaries of the Venn diagram, the similarity index decreases and vice versa, i.e., the similarity index value is maximum from the center of the circle up to the 1st intersecting line.

Further, the second slide of the 8 Sets Venn Diagram Powerpoint Template is simple. It shows a more obvious resemblance in the data components. It contains only one intersection line in the center of the chart, depicting the two levels of correspondence between the 8 data collections. Each data set is graphically represented by a clip art icon that the presenter can alter according to the requirements.

The 8 Sets Venn Diagram template pictorially contrasts the various sets of objects, events, people, or thoughts. The comparison between these sets can also be demonstrated using this template. Each section of the Venn diagram carries a text box that can denote either the name of the data set or the specific characters. Users can replace the placeholder text and edit any diagram component, e.g., graphic icons, colors, etc. The template is customizable and can be edited using any version of PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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