6 Step Flat Design PowerPoint Funnel

The 6 Step Flat Design PowerPoint Funnel is an editable funnel diagram template with six steps or levels. The funnel template with six levels can be used in a variety of presentations, from marketing and sales to flow of business concepts. The funnel diagram helps to visualize progressive reduction of data as it passes each level. A funnel takes raw ideas and input, refine these ideas based on different parameters at every phase. After going through a 6 stage process, final outcome is extracted at the end of the funnel. The PowerPoint template of funnel chart graphically presents the process of getting desired results.

Professionals in all industries use the funnel charts to deduce complex matters. The funnel PowerPoint template helps users to drive brainstorming sessions and come to a logical conclusion. Funnel charts are applicable to several concepts ranging from marketing, sales, creative thinking, educational theories, and research. Define phases of the funnel in a sequence to know different steps are followed to conclude a topic.

The 6 Step Flat Design PowerPoint Funnel includes infographics for diagrams. Each stage of funnel chart layout is visually represented by clipart icons. These icons depict different stages in the funnel process. The shape of a magnifying glass can show potential findings such as customer demographics in the marketing funnel. The announcement icons are useful for promotions, attracting customers, or announcements. The icon of social networking is a good way to discuss communication ideas. The store icons represent ideas of retail stores and businesses. Chat speech bubbles in funnel stage suggest brainstorming, discussions, and feedback. The grocery basket icon for purchases is a metaphor you can use to describe buying ideas.

The 6 steps funnel chart template is also used by teachers to present scenarios and conclude a concept. By adding a funnel diagram to the lecture presentation, teachers can describe each phase with use-case examples. The two versions of the flat design funnel are available with white and blue backgrounds. These template layouts let users pick desired theme for a professional presentation.

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