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Presentation Template of 5 Whys Technique
Flat Template of 5 Whys Process

The 5 Whys Process Template for PowerPoint is a problem-solving technique presentation. This technique is a step one of making informed decisions. It is a root-cause analysis 5 whys strategy that cuts through symptom and reach primary cause of problem. Once the cause of problem is identified, it can be dealt with in a constructive manner. The root cause analysis PowerPoint template presents tabular layouts with arrow shapes. These PowerPoint shapes and placeholders will assist with format of analysis during meetings. The 5 whys template could be used as Google Slides Themes for virtual presentations.

5 Whys analyze cause and effect relationships of a problem or situation. The goal here is to identify root cause by asking five interrogative questions (whys). This technique was perfected by Toyota Motor Corporation as a necessary component of problem-solving training. This approach encouraged development team to find nature of problem until solution becomes clear. The method has been effectively used worldwide for lean manufacturing and development.

The simplest 5 Whys example could be a customer service support scenario:

    1. Why is the customer unsatisfied?

The customer is unsatisfied because his did not get a response from support.

    1. Why didn’t anyone respond to his support request?

No one responded to his support request because it was on Twitter.

    1. Why didn’t anyone respond to the tweet?

No one responded to the tweet because Social Media manager is unavailable.

    1. Why does social media manager unavailable means no one responded to the tweet?

Because he is the only one who responds to social media queries and doesn’t have a backup.

    1. Why the manager doesn’t have a backup?

Because we never thought about it before.

The 5 Whys Process Template for PowerPoint has two slide versions of similar questioner form. These templates display two PowerPoint backgrounds to choose based on presentation theme. Further, the layout of 5 whys template diagram includes two sections i.e. one for asking questions and others for arguments from team. The section of arguments will help develop additional questions and methods. This section provides arrow shapes to visualize flow of processes from why’s to their response. Users can insert text in available fields for a number of problem analysis presentations. Learn more about the 5 Whys Analysis technique our article How to present a 5 Whys Process analysis to your audience.

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