The 5 Why’s PowerPoint Template

The 5 Why’s PowerPoint Template is a professional presentation created for Root Cause Analysis. It is designed to present the Five Why’s Framework.

The 5 Why’s is an iterative interrogative framework, applied to analyze cause and effect relationships of a particular problem or situation. The main goal of the framework is to determine the root cause of a problem; repeating the question Why? through different dimensions of the problem the analyst drills down into the facts. The name derives from the empirical observation that root cause analysis of a problem ends up with a plausible cause through the fifth iteration. Also, 5 the analysis is bound to 5 steps in order to reformulate the question or dimensions in case a cause is not found after the 5th iteration. It is used as a control variable.

TheĀ 5 Why’s PowerPoint Template provides three (3) set of slides. The first slide is the frameworks working diagram. The user can present how each dimension was traversed and the pertinent drill down applied. Also, how was the next question formulated based on the previous questions analysis. The second set of slides is an Icon Decorated set of 5 Horizontal banners. The presenter can mention each question of the analysis i order to provide context to the cause. The third set of slides, generally used to more descriptive presentations, provides a title placeholder where the question is presented and a centered tile where the presenter can textually describe the analysis of the questions. Mainly used for handover or for published materials.

Each of the PowerPoint Icons and PowerPoint Shapes used in the 5 whys template are 100% editable.


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