5 Stages of Decline PowerPoint Template

PPT 5 Stages of Decline Editable Diagram
Editable 5 Stages of Decline Graphical PowerPoint Diagram
PowerPoint Slide Design with Graph - 5 Stages of Decline
PowerPoint Slide Design for 5 Stages of Decline
PPT Slide Template for 5 Stages of Decline
Slide Design for 5 Stages of Decline PPT Template

Our 5 Stages of Decline PowerPoint Template is an editable slide layout with a graphical diagram showing different stages of decline. It is commonly observed that due to the lack of capable leadership or team, companies usually face a decline with some typical stages. These stages a characterized by attitudes and critical actions that lead to the gradual collapse of the business. The stages included in this decline model are:

  • Hubris Born of Success: Executives are so confident of their previous success that they don’t bother how their current decisions are made; either in favor of the organization or not
  • Undisciplined Pursuit of More: the company owners focus on creating more revenue, making growth without being affected by the quality of service and protocols
  • Denial of Risk and Peril: A stage reached due to poor decisions where the risks and peril remain ignored, considering them a natural temporary trial that will go away 
  • Grasping for Salvation: At this stage, a decline becomes evident. Some companies with sound leadership understand this condition and grasp salvation to stay on the safe side. However, others might get to the terminal stage of decline.
  • Capitulation to Irrelevance or Death: Due to repeated denial and setbacks, executives reach this stage where nothing can be done to elevate the levels as before. 

This 5 Stages of Decline PowerPoint Template carries 6 editable slides with text boxes. The first slide shows a 5 segment graphical diagram. The first stage, i.e., Hubris Born of Success, is represented through a rising slope. Following this stage, the next elevated slope segment is for the Undisciplined Pursuit of More. Users can associate this steep rising slope with the concept of increasing revenue of growth by staying ignorant of poor decisions. Another significant rising curve indicates the later stages of this decline model: the Denial of Risk and Peril. Further to this stage, the two decline stages are denoted by sharply declining slopes. In the segment for Grasping of Salvation, the repeated rise and fall of the overall declining slope indicates repeated attempts to prevent failure events in the future. 

After the first template slide, the following slides individually spotlight the stages. This effect is created by color highlighting one segment while greying the rest. Professionals can influentially communicate their ideas relevant to these stages of decline through this editable PPT template. Users can change the color scheme, alter the font style and add relevant text descriptions accordingly. These slides can be helpful for mentors and consultants to demonstrate the clear stages and their corresponding points. Presenters can use this PowerPoint design with all PowerPoint versions, Google Slides and Keynote.

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