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3D Computers Network Diagram for PowerPoint is a professional PowerPoint presentation featuring hardware devices used in computer networks. The computer network diagrams are an everyday tool in the IT industry. Engineers can map applications through the hardware devices that execute them and how they communicate with other devices. It also describes which kind of hardware is required and how it is deployed in a computer network.

A computer network diagram is a schematic describing the nodes and connections between them, in a computer network or data communication network.

In order to identify common network appliances, readily identifiable icons are generally used. The styles of the lines between nodes indicate the type of connection. Clouds are used to represent networks outside the current networks boundaries.

The topology of the network (physical network) can be mapped directly in a network diagram as the graph represented by the diagram nodes and connections. The Topology of the logical network , can be inferred from the network diagram and the information of the network protocols used for the communication.

The most common topologies that can be described with a Computers Network Diagram are:

  • Point to Point (P-to-P) represented as a direct connection between two devices.
  • Bus: In a Local area Network, devices are all connected to the same communication channel. All communications are broadcasted.
  • Star: All devices are connected to a central device in charge of distributing communications.
  • Ring: Devices are connected to two more devices. The connection of all devices end up being a circuit (circular)
  • Tree: Tree Nodes structure.
  • Hybrid: Combination of the previous topologies.

Create professional network diagram with SlideModel’s 3D Computers Network Diagram for PowerPoint.

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