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Cyber Security PowerPoint Slides are professional template graphics featuring Cyber Crime vulnerability. The presentation provides fifteen (15) slides packed with useful clipart, high-quality PowerPoint icons, well coordinated color options in an editable template. The slides contain placeholders for descriptions and vital team discussions.

Use the slides to deliver presentations on how to use security controls to protect information systems and infrastructure. Identify opportunities to stop attacks before exfiltration of sensitive data occurs. These cyber threats can compromise company’s financial situation and endanger sensitive data.

These illegal attackers mostly target retail stores online. Taking advantage of outdated, porous versions of web security system through unauthorized access. To secure computer systems, it’s important to understand the possible software loopholes and web threats.

Here are the most common Cyber Security Threats:

  1. Malware comes in all shapes and sizes, from viruses and worms to spyware and ransomware. Don’t open suspicious links or emails.
  2. SQL injection is when an attacker inserts a malicious SQL statement into a form on the targeted website to get information.
  3. DoS/DDoS Attacks (Denial of Service) attacks happen when a hacker overloads and or crashes a server by overpowering it with a multitude of requests.
  4. Reconnaissance attacker looks for private information into the user systems. These attacks can be avoided by having a strong firewall and IPS in place.
  5. There are other cyber security hacks like Botnets, Man-In-The-Middle, Password Attacks, Social Engineering. The common reason is trying to get sensitive data like credit card and bank information.

These top security threats can impact the company’s growth. These often lead to financial loss, intellectual property theft, reputation compromises and extortion. Take no risk and protect your business from these modern web thefts. Use this Cyber Crime theme or browse through the Security and IT PowerPoint Templates.

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