How to Use WordArt in Google Slides

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WordArt or Word Art is used to form words or phrases using graphical text. Many Office users are familiar with the term due to its use in apps like Word and also to customize PowerPoint templates. The method to use WordArt in Google Slides is slightly different and requires more manual customization for designing your text art.

How to Insert Word Art in Google Slides

To insert WordArt in Google Slides, go to Insert -> Word Art.

How to insert Word Art in Google Slides
Inserting WordArt in Google Slides is the first step to work with this tool.

In the text box that appears, enter the required text and hit Enter to save or Shift+Enter to add a new line. Once your text is inserted, you can make further changes to it.

Adding text via Word Art to Google Slides
When asking, “How to do word art on Google Slides?” people instantly assume it is a parallel to Microsoft Office’s Word Art. The tools are simplified, hence why it looks like a text box with little customization options.

One of the first customization options you might be interested in is to fill color, border color, or size of the text. These settings can be managed from the top toolbar after selecting the text.

Customizing color for Word Art
We can change color in Google Slides Word Art as with any other text.

The Border Weight option can help you change the size of the Word Art text. Similarly, you can convert the text to dots using the Border Dash option adjacent to Border Weight.

Change stroke size in Word Art for Google Slides
Border Weight for Word Art in Google Slides goes up to 24px. Ideally, stick with values between 2 to 8px.

You can change the font and find additional formatting options from the top toolbar.

Accessing Format Options in Google Slides
Format Options is also available for Word Art as with any other tool in Google Slides.

This will provide you with submenus for managing the size and rotation of the slide’s text position and allow you to add a drop shadow, reflection, and alt text.

Drop Shadow effect in Google Slides
You can access the options for Drop Shadow by clicking on the arrow next to it.

The added WordArt can also be animated via the Animate option. This will open up a menu where you can add animations and transitions to your text.

Animating Word Art in Google Slides
Object Animation effects can make your slide more interesting for the audience.

You can add Google Slides Word Art by adding text and customizing it using the method mentioned above.

Completed result Word Art in Google Slides
End result of how to do Word Art on Google Slides

Final Words

WordArt is commonly used in Office apps. However, you can get similar text art in Google Slides by adding and customizing WordArt. Unlike Office, you don’t get a wide array of WordArt designs to customize in Google Slides but rather the option to add and customize the text using text formatting options. If you want to save yourself from the time and effort needed to create WordArt, you can download these Google Slides templates with readymade designs.

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