How to Loop a PowerPoint

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When a PowerPoint slideshow ends, the screen turns blank after the last slide. However, you can opt to restart the presentation from the first slide by running the slide deck in loop. You might want to loop a slide if you have created a PowerPoint slideshow that needs to run on a screen in loop, such as a self-running slideshow for a kiosk, a PowerPoint template indicating a break at an event, or when you need to go back to one or more of the previous slides from the start for a quick review of the presentation.

How to Make PowerPoint Loop

To loop PowerPoint, go to Slide Show -> Setup Show.

Set up slideshow in PowerPoint

From the dialog box that appears, select Loop continuously until ‘Esc’ to enable looping your slides. By default, all slides are looped in a sequence.

Loop all slides in PowerPoint

How to Loop PowerPoint from Selected Slides

To loop specific slides, go to Slide Show -> Setup Show, enable loop, and select the slides to run in a loop via Show Slides.

Loop from selected slides in PowerPoint
How to get PowerPoint to loop while slideshow

How to Loop PowerPoint Slides Manually and Automatically

You might want to create a slideshow from break or countdown-themed PowerPoint templates or Google Slides templates to indicate a break during an event.

You can select the time each slide remains on screen via the Transitions tab. The Timings menu provides the option to select the duration for each slide and whether you intend the slides to move automatically or on mouse-click.

Loop slides manually on PowerPoint

To loop PowerPoint slides manually or automatically, go to Slide Show -> Setup Show, enable the loop option, and go to Advance slides. Select Manually for moving slides on mouse click, arrow keys, or PowerPoint remote. Alternatively, select Use timings.

Loop slides automatically in PowerPoint
PowerPoint loop slideshow

Final Words

Whether you need to loop a PowerPoint presentation manually or automatically for an event or to create a self-running slideshow that loops PPT, you can use the instructions mentioned above to customize the settings for your slide deck according to need.

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