How to Group in Google Slides

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Moving slide objects when editing Google Slides Templates can be quite a hassle if you need to move them to adjust your slide content frequently. Grouping objects together can help avoid this issue, as images, shapes, and placeholders can be grouped together to help adjust them instantly using drag and drop.

How to Group Objects in Google Slides

To group objects in Google Slides, select the objects by either holding down the SHIFT key and dragging your mouse or by selecting individual objects while holding SHIFT when selecting them.

Grouping objects in Google Slides

Once the objects have been selected, go to Arrange > Group. You can also group objects by using the CTRL+ALT+G hotkey or by selecting Group via right-click context menu.

Locating Arrange->Group in Google Slides

This will group the selected objects, making it possible to move them together using drag and drop. Grouping objects together can help ensure your illustrations, infographics, or other types of images with placeholders are not affected when you change their position on the slide.

Grouping objects together also enables changing the size of the entire set using drag and drop.

Moving grouped objects in Google Slides

How to Ungroup Objects in Google Slides

You might likely come across grouped objects in readymade Google Slides templates or might want to ungroup objects you have grouped together. To do this, select the grouped set to make changes by clicking on the grouped content.

Selecting grouped objects in Google Slides

Once selected, go to Arrange > Ungroup. You can also use the CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+G hotkey to instantly ungroup objects or select Ungroup via the right-click context menu.

Ungroup objects in Google Slides

When making adjustments to slides in Google Slides, grouping and ungrouping objects at your convenience can help you get more control over the design of the slides. You can bind objects together or ungroup them to edit them individually with more control. Once your presentation is complete, grouping objects together can also help ensure that the slide content is not affected due to any accidental changes that might affect the way an illustration or set of information is aligned together.

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