How to Change Theme Colors in Google Slides

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Changing theme colors for some presenters is essential to making professional presentations. This is often done to match organization branding or to fine-tune the color scheme according to your content or presentation style. If you’re a user thinking about how to change theme colors in Google Slides, there are multiple methods you can use to do that.

How to Change Color of Theme in Google Slides

Change Theme Colors using Color Palette

To change theme colors for Google Slides templates and decks you might have created yourself, go to Slide > Edit Theme.

Accessing edit theme options in Google Slides

Go to Colors from the top toolbar to change theme colors.

Changing theme colors in Google Slides

Select the theme color you intend to use to change the whole theme.

Selecting a theme color option in Google Slides

You can also pick specific colors by RGB, HEX code, or by selecting the colors from the given menu. Much like the PowerPoint color palette that can be changed with specific colors.

Picking a custom-colored theme in Google Slides

Change Background by Color or Image

Select Background to change the background of your presentation slides.

Change background option in Google Slides

The background can be changed by selecting a color or uploading an image.

You can choose different solid colors or gradients from the Google Slides color palette among the color options.

Creating a background with a gradient color in Google Slides

Change Color for Slide Elements

Similarly, you can change other slide elements, such as the font color.

Editing font color in a Google Slides theme
Selecting new font color in Google Slides theme

By making changes to the background and slide elements, you can edit your slide deck to give it a very specific look based on the color codes you intend to use.

Final result changed theme in Google Slides

How to Change Theme Style in Google Slides

To change theme colors for Google Slides, go to Slide > Change Theme.

Locating change theme style options in Google Slides

Select a theme from the right-hand sidebar to change the current theme. As you can see from the example below, the Themes sidebar also contains the blue-colored theme we created. The custom themes you create also show up in this menu, making it possible for you to pick one with your custom color palette.

Importing a new theme into Google Slides

Once selected, the selected theme is applied to your presentation.

New applied Google Slides theme

Final Words

Using the methods mentioned above, you can change the Google Slides theme colors to suit presentation requirements, branding needs, or presentation style. Changing the whole theme can make the switch in colors less specific, and editing the theme can allow making very specific changes to slide elements and the slide background.

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