How to Add Border in PowerPoint

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When designing PowerPoint slides, adding borders to slides or pictures can help add some visual appeal to the presentation. There are different options for adding borders for PowerPoint slides, including shapes and pictures. See the steps below to add borders for slides you are designing yourself and even PowerPoint templates you want to customize.

How to Add Borders for PowerPoint Slides

How to Create a Custom Slide Border

To create custom borders for PowerPoint slides, pick a shape via Insert -> Shapes. In this example, we will use a rectangle to create a border.

Inserting a shape to add border in PowerPoint

Drag the shape over the slide to cover the area you want to use for your border. This will add an overlay shape to the selected area.

Draw shape in PowerPoint - how to add border in PowerPoint
Explaining the process on how to add border in PowerPoint

Make the shape transparent from the middle by selecting the shape and going to Shape Format -> Shape Fill -> No Fill.

No Fill option in Shape Fill for PowerPoint

Select a desired color for the shape borders via Shape Format -> Shape Outline. If you want to pick a specific color from your slide, use the Eyedropper tool.

Customize Shape Outline in PowerPoint
Adding a border in PowerPoint slides

Once the border has been added, it can be further customized. To do this, go to the menus within Shape Outline. For example, you can increase the width of the border via Shape Format -> Shape Outline -> Weight.

Adjust Shape Weight in PowerPoint
Configuring the weight of the border in a PowerPoint presentation

To convert your border to sketches or dashes, see the Sketched or Dashes menus within Shape Outline to pick a desired look for your border. 
If you want to edit Google Slides Templates, similar options are also available in Google Slides for editing borders. However, PowerPoint has more comprehensive features for customizing slide borders.

Adjust Shape Outline style in PowerPoint
Configuring the line style when adding a border in PowerPoint

To give a glow, shadow, soft edges, or other effects to your border, go to Shape Effects via the Shape Format tab and select an effect.

Add Shape Effects in PowerPoint

The below image shows an example of a dotted border we created for a PowerPoint slide. As you can see, the border color matches the theme of the graphics of the slide.

Completed tutorial for how to add a border in PowerPoint with shapes
How to add border in PowerPoint slide

How to Add Border for an Image in PowerPoint using Picture Border and Picture Styles

You can use a shape overlay (as shown above) or picture borders or styles to give a border to a picture. To add picture borders, select the image and head over to Picture Format -> Picture Borders. From here, you can select the color and style for your picture.

Like Shape Format, the Picture Format tab also gives weight, sketches, and dashes to be used as a picture border.

Selecting shape format style from Picture Border in PowerPoint - Adding a dashed border in PowerPoint slide
Adding a dashed border in PowerPoint slide

To use style presets for your picture, go to Picture Styles via the Picture Format tab. From here, select a style that best matches your preferences.

Using Picture Styles in PowerPoint How to add a Border in PowerPoint presentation - Enclosing the slide with a frame
How to add a Border in PowerPoint presentation

Like shapes, pictures can also have highlights for borders by adding PowerPoint effects via Picture Format -> Picture Effects.

Using Picture Effects in PowerPoint
Using the Picture Effect when adding a border in PowerPoint

Below is an example of a picture with dotted PowerPoint borders.

End result for how to add border in PowerPoint

Final Words

Like slide borders, picture borders can be added to stylize individual images according to branding needs and individual preferences to make them more eye-catching. Now that you know how to insert borders in PowerPoint, you can experiment with the various customization features to see how best to use borders for PowerPoint slides.

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