How to Add a Watermark in PowerPoint

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A watermark automatically added to all slides in PPT templates helps avoid adding branding manually. Whether you’re a freelance consultant or need to represent your company, adding watermarks to ensure your slides reflect and represent your brand requires making a few adjustments to the parent master slide in PowerPoint.

How to Add Watermark for PowerPoint Presentations

While you can manually insert an image or text-based watermark into your slides, this can be time-consuming and laborious. To avoid this, you can edit the master slide via View -> Slide Master.

Select the parent master slide to add your watermark.

Selecting parent master style in PowerPoint

Insert Picture Watermark

To insert a picture watermark, such as a logo, go to Insert -> Images -> Pictures and select your image from your device or an online source.

How to add a picture watermark in PowerPoint

Insert the watermark according to the branding guidelines of your organization or in a place on the slides that is unobtrusive. Once done, save the changes and close Slide Master.

How to add a logo watermark in PowerPoint

This will reflect the changes across all slides in the presentation. If your watermark appears hidden in some slides, you might need to send a few slide elements back via right-click menu or Shape Format -> Send Backwards / Send to Back to reveal your watermark image.

Final result logo watermark in PowerPoint

Insert Text Watermark

To insert a text watermark, go to Text -> Text Box and place the text in a location on the master slide where you would like to add the watermark to all slides in the presentation.

How to insert a text watermark in PowerPoint

The watermark can either be plain text or stylized using options from the Shape Format tab in the Ribbon menu.

Styling a text watermark in PowerPoint

You can adjust the text color and style to display in your PowerPoint slides based on your requirements. If the watermark is hidden, you might need to adjust slide elements, such as sending them behind the watermark via Shape Format -> Send Backwards / Send to Back.

Final result of a text watermark added to PowerPoint

Adding a watermark to PPT is the same as inserting slide elements like text and images. The difference is that adding the watermark via the parent master slide in Slide Master will insert it in a specific place where you can continue editing your slides around it. In some cases, you might need to readjust the location of your watermark to make it suitably placed with your slide design. In such a case, you can return to the parent master slide in Slide Master to make the necessary changes.

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