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The Free Simple Customer Journey Map Slide Template represents the sequential array of steps followed by the buyers as they come across and communicate with the brand. A customer journey map traces those steps mentioning the respective touchpoints and the customer’s feelings. Through this journey mapping, professionals can have a closer of view of the process and devise strategies to improve at every stage of the purchase funnel. So, this PPT diagram provides a framework for the users to add relevant information about every phase of the customer journey using the editable bullet points with every step. Presenters can thus, effectively communicate the customer experience and consider betterment policies likewise.

A customer journey map is prepared after a series of analyses, i.e., target setting, making user persona, selecting and increasing the touchpoints, etc. To present the aggregate of such important facts, users can use this customer journey diagram, a horizontal array of five steps. These are the steps that the prospect users follow to become customers, i.e.,

  • Awareness: People get aware of the services or products of the brand through marketing campaigns and other means
  • Consideration: The generated leads from the above step become the prospective buyers as they start taking an interest in your brand
  • Acquisition: Those prospect buyers are now willing to purchase the services
  • Service: The brand will now provide the promised service or products by maintaining quality and trust.
  • Loyalty: If the buyers feel satisfied, they will contact again as a part of the loyalty step of the customer journey.

The maintenance and appropriate provision of touchpoints are crucial at every journey stage. These touchpoints will either keep your lead in contact with your sales team or lose them altogether.

Presenters can add the relevant data to each stage of the customer journey in this Free Simple Customer Journey Map Slide Template. As with every phase, there is a list of bullet points that can be used for this purpose. After the first slide, there are separate slides to color highlight each phase of the customer journey. This enables the presenters to discuss the points in more detail. Hence, you can download and edit this template according to your requirements. You can also download our Simple Customer Journey Map Slide Template, which is a color variant of this PPT Template. All our templates are entirely editable using PowerPoint and Google Slides. Alternatively, you can download other free presentation templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides, or this simple customer journey mapping template for PowerPoint with additional slides.


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