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  • Journey Diagram 7 Steps PPT

The 7-Step Journey Diagram PowerPoint Template presents an infographic layout of mountain roadmap. This journey roadmap is a timeline and planning PowerPoint to assist in developing business process flow. Further these journey slides could help track the performance of existing processes. The illustration of mountains with zigzag roadmap depicts challenges as pits and steep as recovery. Therefore, it is a suitable presentation layout for problem-solving and brainstorming sessions. Whereas, the mountain peaks represent 7 milestones of journey roadmap. These milestones are circular block points that provide an infographic effect through gradient shapes and lines.

The free slides of journey roadmap template are ideal PowerPoint presentation layouts to discuss marketing concepts. Especially, the customer’s journey lifecycle detailing their experiences from initial interaction to brand loyalty. Similarly, this template can help visualize sales progress of company’s product or service. Therefore, the mountain journey diagram design can help track achieved milestones or display company’s success.

The 7-Step Journey Diagram PowerPoint Template contains 14 infographic slides of 2 design variations. The slides include 7 layouts of purple background to complement gradient mountain infographic timeline. While the additional 7 slides show a white background. However, users can change these background colors as well as the gradient effects according to presentation requirements. Furthermore, 7 steps PowerPoint journey diagram displays a sequence of milestones in 7 slides. The users can also apply slide transitions for animated presentations. Alternatively, download Mountain Timeline PowerPoint Template with infographic clipart icons.

The mountain journey PowerPoint template design provides a quick view of company’s approach towards opportunities and challenges. These free timeline slides also enable businesses to explain strategies and planning toward these challenges and opportunities.


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