How To Arrange Objects in PowerPoint 2013

There are a lot of nifty tricks that are hidden within PowerPoint menus and require your imagination to unlock the path of making extraordinary presentations. Arranging objects for instance, can be more useful that you might think, especially when arranged on top of each other to create custom diagrams and slide layouts.

How to Arrange Objects by Bringing Them Forward or Backward in PowerPoint

Here is a simple guide to show you how you can arrange objects in PowerPoint. Using these simple instructions you can arrange various shapes or objects in your presentation slides. To demonstrate the process we will use the Hexagonal Shapes Template for PowerPoint, which comes with different editable shapes that can be easily re-arranged.

How to arrange objects in PowerPoint 2013

Bring an Object a Step Forward

To bring an object a step ahead of others, click the object, go to the Format tab and select Bring Forward. In this example, we will bring the red hexagon a step forward to place it ahead of the blue hexagon.

Bring Forward

As you can see from the image given below, the red hexagon came one step forward above the blue.

Red hexagon moved forward

Bring an Object to the Front

Using this option you can bring an object directly to the front of all other objects. To do this, click the object, go to the Format -> Bring to Front (from the Bring Forward Menu).

Bring to front

The below image shows the red hexagon moved to the front, above all other shapes.

Object moved to the front

Send an Object One Step Back

To send an object a step back, click the object and go to Format –> Send Backward. In the below example, we will move the red hexagon a step back.

Send Backward

As is evident from the image below, the red hexagon was moved a step behind the green hexagon.

Hexagon sent backward

Send an Object to the Back

To send an object directly to the back, go to Format-> Send to Back (from the Send Backward menu).

Send to Back

As you can see from the below image, the red hexagon was moved to the back of all other shapes.

Red object moved to the back

Diagram Created by Arranging Objects

The below diagram is an example ho you can play around with shapes and objects in your PowerPoint slides to create interesting slides. We arranged the hexagon shapes using the above method, giving the illusion of 3D boxes arranged in a line.

Hexagons arranged like 3D boxes

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