How to Work with WordArt in PowerPoint

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WordArt is text art used to stylize text in PowerPoint. Many PowerPoint templates can lack visual appeal for titles and subtitles, which can be improved using WordArt. Furthermore, presenters can experiment with WordArt styles to create unique-looking headings and subheadings for presentation slides.

How to Apply WordArt Style in PowerPoint

To apply WordArt on PowerPoint, select the text and go to Insert -> Text -> WordArt.

How to insert WordArt in PowerPoint

Alternatively, select the text and go to Shape Format -> Quick Styles.

WordArt via Quick Styles in PowerPoint

How to use Shape Fill for WordArt in PowerPoint

You can edit Quick Styles using various WordArt Styles. To edit the color of the text, you can use Shape Fill via the Shape Format tab.

Text Fill for WordArt in PowerPoint

How to Add Text Outline for WordArt in PowerPoint

The Text Outline option in the Shape Format tab can be used to edit the outline of the WordArt text. This dropdown menu not only enables changing the color of the outline but also the text weight and dashes to change the appearance of the text.

Text Outline for WordArt in PowerPoint

How to use Text Effects for WordArt in PowerPoint

From Shape Format -> Text Effects, you can add various effects to the text, including shadow, reflection, bevel, glow, 3-D rotation, and text wrapping styles via the Transform menu.

Shadow Effect for WordArt in PowerPoint

Below is an example of a heading and subheading stylized using WordArt in PowerPoint.

Final result WordArt in PowerPoint

Final Words

While WordArt provides various quick stylizing features for text that can be helpful for headings and subheadings in particular, not much has changed over the years regarding stylizing options. WordArt still provides more of a legacy look for stylized text. However, with some changes to standard WordArt styles using outline, shape fill, and text effects, the text can look more attractive than default styles.

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