Writer Concept Metaphor PowerPoint Shapes

Writer Concept Metaphor PowerPoint Shapes Template
Keyboard Illustration Metaphor Presentation

The 2-slide Writer Concept Metaphor PowerPoint Shapes shows how authors adapt modern technology. However, the users can use these slides in their book launch presentation expressing the summary. The successful presentation requires audience connection. Hence, graphical illustrations are the best method of conveying complex messages. Capture the attention of viewers and engage them in discussion using graphical metaphors. Although, the authors, poets and writers always use metaphors in their text. This PowerPoint displays analogies for writing a story. Additionally, the two slides of typewriter and keyboard shape are evolutionary comparison of typing tools. The main purpose is to explain a concept using the pictorial images that audience is already familiar with. The power of metaphor as artistic expression gives audience something to relate to the idea.

A simple template of Writer Concept Metaphor PowerPoint Shapes is created by professional designers. The image design is comprising of individual, editable shapes of PowerPoint together to make a meaningful figure. The red typewriter image shows a page with textbox to add book title. The hands-on keys represent the person writing the story. On the other hand, the image of keyboard also has hand illustration. Every item of this PowerPoint is editable, enabling users to change the color, size and position of icons. For instance, modify the key buttons in either typewriter or keyboard. To do this, double click the first icon and hold the Ctrl key to select more as a group. Resize the shapes using mouse drag drop option or recolor from shape fill in drawing format menu.

The users can copy any slide or part of an image to use in their existing presentation. For example, when demonstrating the book event, use the typewriter shape or if showing a technology related content, use keyboard metaphor. The use of metaphors creates a sense of how people recall certain terminology in their mind. The image of classic typewriter immediately gives the idea of writing, books, novel etc. Whereas, the keyboard being the modern technology, presents task using computers. It can include blogging, programming, official and personal typing activities.

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