Work After COVID-19 PowerPoint Template

COVID 19 has weakened the economy worldwide. Businesses around the globe are struggling to recover from financial havoc. The employees who have been working remotely and now going back to work as lockdown restrictions ease. At this point, it is necessary for companies to consider disaster recovery plans. Such planning will help businesses to understand their position as the economy returns to normalcy or establish a new normal. In any case, a COVID-19 exit strategy will prepare businesses to restart and rebuild from the ground.

There are number of things to consider for a new normal world of physical distance and evolving consumer behavior. For example:

Analyzing financial damage including costs associated with rebuilding plans
Assess pre-COVID business plan to see how it can be adjusted to new normal
Identify weak areas that may need funding for recovery
Revamp budget for new spending
Rebuilding timeline
Contingency plan for possible future crises

The Work After COVID-19 PowerPoint Template is a presentation toolkit for all types of industries. It will assist in creating guidelines for getting workflow back on track. This PowerPoint slide deck consists of graphics, diagrams, and multiple layout designs aimed for post-COVID plans. A template consisting of 18 slides covers major aspects of organizations and how staff can safely return to work. The collection of high-quality clipart icons and vector PowerPoint shapes are related to pandemic situations. For example, social distancing, remote work, virus protection, environmental health, etc.

The Work After COVID-19 PowerPoint Template provides a range of slides to cover different topics. It could be used as a whole presentation or take selective slides for COVID19 presentation. The users can easily edit text, shapes, and themes for complete framework of staff returning to work. This set of sides include following topics and layouts:

  • Cover Slides – Background of virus shapes and growth arrow representing the economy
  • Transformation – Laptop image background with text placeholders
  • What Who How – Redefining business purpose in 3 layers concentric circle diagram
  • Virtual communication – Video conferencing graphics and icons
  • Working Environment – Workplace reality: 6 steps circular chain
  • Redefining workplace – Top-down view of working on a computer
  • After COVID-19 – 4 steps growth chart
  • Lockdown – three quarters growth diagram design
  • CEO message slide
  • Working from home – Productivity survey template

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