Traditional Product Development Process for PowerPoint

Traditional Product Development Process
Product Development Process Slide for Presentation

Revamp the presentation of corporate processes with the Traditional Product Development Process for PowerPoint. Present all sorts of processes, while still maintaining a cool retro look and feel. With the use of the template, the user can show the production process in a colorful, interactive way.

A traditional product development process has five main processes. These are conception, research, analysis, development, and launch. These are the common procedures concerned in production. As such, they can be used to guide the discussion.

The first stage, conception, or ideation, involves taking the data from surveys, such as suggestions and surveys. These are then used as tools to inspire new projects and product plans. This stage involves comprehensive brainstorming processes.

Research, on the other hand, entails a more data-driven version of ideation. In this phase, the initial project is adjusted to fit realistic market needs. In analysis, it is further narrowed down to ensure maximum feasibility. These ensure that the project can be properly developed and implemented. This includes creating a marketing plan to improve possible sales. These previous steps are basically done to ensure a successful product deployment at launch.

The PowerPoint slides feature each phase with the use of differently-colored gear vectors. Each gear contains a minimalist icon corresponding to the stage in which it occurs. This helps the audience easily identify the processes and quickly understand the concept the user wishes to deliver. The PowerPoint template ensures that the user can use the slides to their maximum potential. The user is provided with a step by step guide through the development process.

The Traditional Product Development Process for PowerPoint is most ideal for manufacturing and production processes. These usually involve machinery and mass-produced products, such a common household items. The user may also use other PowerPoint template, like the Product Roadmap Template for PowerPoint, in conjunction with the slides.

The user need not worry about the PowerPoint product lifecycle. The template may be repurposed in other production presentations. The user may edit and revise the template and its PowerPoint objects to fit specific requirements.

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