Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Presentation for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Having a company with a great value proposition and a good reputation is fundamental to being able to bring in the best human talent and grow as a team. However, these two aspects are not enough to achieve this. It is necessary to communicate it effectively through an Employee Value Proposition Presentation.

The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) are tangible and intangible benefits formulated as proposals that allow the employee to obtain greater value by working in a company.

Companies like Google or LinkedIn are perceived as the most attractive companies to work for, but not only because of their reputation or product, but also because of their Employee Value Proposition and the way they communicate it.

The EVP Presentation for PowerPoint and Google Slides will allow you to convey to your future employees all the tangible and intangible benefits you have to offer, in order to attract the best talent and grow as a company. The EVP Presentation is an essential resource used by management and human resources personnel to promote growth and attract new talent.

Why use an Employee Value Proposition Presentation?

In our Company EVP Presentations section you will find different PowerPoint Templates to effectively communicate your value proposition. All Slides are 100% editable, able to adapt to the aesthetics of your company or project.

What to include in an EVP Presentation?

An EVP Presentation consists of economic elements such as salary, bonuses and compensation. Employment benefits like work flexibility, training opportunities, vacation days and health benefits. Elements that promote professional development such as courses, training and growth opportunities accompanied by an optimal work environment and organizational culture.

What is the role of a Company EVP Presentation?

Communicating an Employee Value Proposition involves knowing a great deal about the company’s values, as well as the interests that employees have. The role of a well-defined Company EVP is to motivate current employees and attract new talent. In the presence of similar job offers, communicating the value proposition well through an EVP Presentation will help you differentiate your company from the rest of the competition.

How do you create an Employee Value Proposition?

To create an Employee Value Proposition we recommend you evaluate what you currently have to offer. In turn, compare yourself with your competition to discover the differentials with your proposal. Then, we encourage you to define the guidelines of your Employee Value Proposition in an EVP Presentation in order to communicate it effectively in your company. Always remember to measure the results of your EVP to be able to monitor the progress of your actions in the company.

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