SWOT Analysis Template Helix Design For PowerPoint

Helix Design Top View PowerPoint
SWOT Analysis Slide of Strengths
SWOT Analysis Slide of Weaknesses
SWOT Analysis Slide of Opportunities
SWOT Analysis Slide of Threats
Slide of Business Strengths SWOT
Slide of Business Weaknesses SWOT
Slide of Business Opportunities SWOT
Slide of Business Threats SWOT

The SWOT Analysis Template Helix Design For PowerPoint is a colorful slide of business and marketing model. The template contains 9 slides of SWOT diagram depicting a top-down view of helix shape. This diagram shows four sections with infographic clipart icons to represent all four factors of SWOT. Hence, organizations can take advantage of this strategy PowerPoint template to assess all four aspects of business.

SWOT analysis is an evaluation technique to understand company’s competitive position in consumer market. SWOT is an acronym for Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats. The strengths and weaknesses are internal factors of business while opportunities and threats are external factors. The clipart icons represent these factors visually and use assorted colors for each factor.

The SWOT analysis template is an editable collection of 9 slides. The first slide shows helix design of SWOT diagram. While additional 8 slides display one of 4 SWOT factors per slide with animation effects. This template will be helpful to discuss each factor of SWOT analysis and assess company’s performance in detail. Further, users can customize the theme, colors, shapes, and size of helix design in PowerPoint. Because this template is fully customizable in PowerPoint using a range of designing options from menu.

The SWOT Analysis Template Helix Design For PowerPoint is suitable for business and management presentations. It could be used to assess project strategies, market opportunities, or to identify challenges. Similarly, it could be used to demonstrate experience assessment of an individual from career standpoint.

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