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Create a beautiful origami-inspired presentation of your project’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats using the SWOT Analysis Template for PowerPoint. Break out of conventional grids and tables, and take advantage of the simple yet creative SWOT diagram variations presented by this PowerPoint template.

Traditionally, SWOT analysis, also called the SWOT matrix, is used as a planning method to evaluate the important elements of a project or a business venture. The SWOT matrix is used to hone in on which of the dimensions need to be enhanced, which dimensions need to be revised, and which dimensions should be removed altogether, in order to be assured of a business plan which will prove economic and logistical stability in the long-run.

The PowerPoint template takes this SWOT ppt concept and gives it a retro minimalist twist, by using PowerPoint graphics which imitate the look of traditional Japanese paper folding designs. This gives the Office template a visually-satisfying image, along with a clearer placement of items for each element in the SWOT template and providing each element with the same amount of focus.

The PowerPoint slides contain several versions of SWOT diagrams using the main template layout and color scheme, which result in PowerPoint slides which make wide used of representative icons of the SWOT dimensions – weights for Strengths, a low battery icon for Weaknesses, a lightbulb for Opportunities, and a missile for Threats – and PowerPoint shapes such as blue and black parallelograms and triangles to achieve the origami effect.

Featured in the PowerPoint template are different versions of an overview of the SWOT analysis, one containing SWOT labels and another with a darker presentation background. The template also include PowerPoint slides which feature two elements each, focusing on two opposing sides of the SWOT matrix.

The SWOT Analysis Template for PowerPoint is most suited to SWOT analysis presentations for projects which include creative and modern elements, so that the presentation design may be deemed most relevant. The presenter may also choose to edit the various PowerPoint objects in the Office template in order to ensure that the presentation will be ideal for the target audience.

The presenter may also choose to download other variations of the SWOT matrix templates, like the Flat SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template.

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