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Interview questions can be tricky. Depending on the complexity of job requirements, the employer may request more than one interview in the hiring process. Different types of interviews help assess a candidate’s qualifications for the job, such as screening, on-site testing, and behavioral and stress interviews. Each type of interview presentation includes techniques and strategies to conduct assessments, especially in the case of behavioral analysis, where questions are more challenging, and the candidate has to think on the spot. STAR method has been introduced for a structural approach to behavioral questions.

STAR stands for:

  • Situation – Describe the background and context of the situation. These are the details from past work experience on specific tasks.
  • Task – Details of responsibility, goals, and challenges
  • Action – It involves steps taken to address the situation and highlight your contribution
  • Result – Explain the impact of actions and lessons learned

STAR method is a great way to prepare for difficult behavioral interviews. The structural approach to answering questions shows the interviewer that the candidate is focused. Moreover, it gives the impression that the applicant can make decisions under pressure.

The STAR Interview Method PowerPoint Template includes 4 slide layout design variations. These include columns, tabular, and matrix diagram templates. PowerPoint templates use different color codes and clipart icons to visualize the 4 steps of the STAR method. These are editable PowerPoint shapes and colors. The users can change these objects or personalize themes according to their interview or resume presentations.

As a part of interview presentations, the STAR Interview Method PowerPoint Template will help communicate competency-based experience. Likewise, the diagram of STAR could be used to train and educate job seekers to ace their interviews. Alternatively, you can download other interview presentation templates for PowerPoint & Google Slides or learn more how to give an interview presentation.

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