SNAP Sales Process PowerPoint Template

The SNAP Sales Process PowerPoint Template features a modern graphical slide deck to present the SNAP selling process. SNAP is an efficient selling methodology for busy clients and doesn’t offer much discussion & questions like the SPIN sales technique. The SNAP is an acronym for the steps included in this technique:

  • Keep it Simple: A to-the-point introduction of the proposed solution is more effective when the client doesn’t agree to invest much time. 
  • Be Invaluable: This point indicates offering the user an invaluable product or service and helps you stand out from competitors. 
  • Always Align: In your compelling communication with the customer, it is suggested to align with the requirements. It can help you achieve better results in a shorter time. 
  • Raise Priorities: Focusing on the client’s priorities increases conversion rates. 

Professionals can use this SNAP sales process PowerPoint template for their sales and business presentations. It can also help in training the sales teams. The first slide of our SNAP sales slide template is a four-column design, each segment representing a phase of the SNAP process. These columns have two parts: the upper one carries a bold first letter, and the lower part has meaningful graphical PowerPoint icons. Using the editable text boxes, presenters can conveniently add relevant data points. All four segments are differently colored on the first slide; however, each column is highlighted one by one on the following slides. This spotlight effect enables the users to discuss each part of the SNAP model PowerPoint template in more detail. 

Presenters can also re-purpose our SNAP Sales Process PowerPoint Template for presenting other models such as SPIN methodology, AIDA model, OODA, BANT sales process, or similar concepts. Users can make any change to the design, fonts, color scheme, and formatting. So, download and try customizing this 100% editable SNAP selling process slide template now!

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