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SMART Goals Slide Design for PowerPoint

The presenter can use the SMART Goals Slide Design for PowerPoint to evaluate different business goals. It can be applied any type of management or marketing plan, and can be edited to fit any type of corporate presentation.

SMART is a mnemonic device which refers to a set of criteria used to set objectives. It can be used in project management, employee-performance management, personal development and several other business environments. The SMART Goals presentation criteria are commonly attributed to Peter Drucker’s Management by Objective. They are used to more easily understand the concepts behind effective goals setting definition. SMART is important in goal setting to allow management or the team involved to improve the business plan. This makes it easier to resolve the problems in the plan, making the process run smoother and more efficiently. The user can also download other PowerPoint designs featuring this concept as the, Flat SMART Objectives PowerPoint Template.

The particular criteria are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. These are shown on the SMART Goals template as vertical banners of different colors. The banners are also accompanied by minimalist logos which correspond to one of the criteria. Above each banner is a letter referring to the SMART criterion. The colors are specifically designed to become visually-appealing. They create a colorful gradient that is easy on the eyes.

The first of the SMART criteria is Specific. This refers to the need to have a definite and particular goal. With this, the members of the marketing team or any type of business plan have a better focus of the business goals. This ensures that the team knows what to expect and the importance of every step in the plan. Measurable means that the plan can be tracked and have specific key performance indicators. Attainable stresses the importance of how realistic the plan is. The company must have the proper amount of manpower and money in order to complete its strategic goals. Otherwise, the efforts to complete it may prove futile. The fourth criterion, Relevance, means that the plan must be related or important to the overall business stratagem. The last criterion is timely, time-bound. This mean is that the goal must be achievable within a specific timeframe.

Ideal for showing the qualifications of a business plan, SMART Goals Slide Design for PowerPoint can be edited to suit the presenter’s needs. The user may use certain specifications to suit the SMART Goals presentation template to the target audience.

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