Simple SIPOC Presentation Template Design for PowerPoint

The Simple SIPOC Presentation Template Design for PowerPoint is a framework of business organization. SIPOC (say: sigh-pok) is a “total quality” method used in Six sigma. It is an effective way to present a complete business process, including its components in a tabulated form. Such presentation is essential for organizational analysis and process improvement. Further, it can also be helpful to showcase a new operational process to describe its intakes, outcomes, and the quality it will ensure.

SIPOC is an acronym of five words mentioned in five rows of this SIPOC diagram. Each row will contain relevant points to this title. For instance, these words are:

  1. Suppliers: mentions the potential partners or groups that will contribute different services to the business
  2. Input: describes certain essentials which will cost toward the successful processing
  3. Process: draws a practical plan to be followed that will combine all the steps from suppliers until the consumer needs fulfillment.
  4. Output: describes the output of the process after following the steps of the plan and utilizing the inputs
  5. Customers/Users: defines the users for which the production is being done or provided service.

For writing the details of each title, there are multiple shapes in each row. There is a horizontal flow chart for the’ Process’ with a start and an endpoint. The shapes are colored, and three color variations are available for the slide.

Corporate agencies and Consultants can use the SIPOC template to present what they have analyzed about a specific business. And suggest some improvement plans. Also, this Simple SIPOC Presentation Template Design for PowerPoint helps prepare an overview of the organizational process.

Each component of this slide is editable. Presenters can change the shapes colors of the shapes and add or remove any clipart icons. Download this easy-to-customize template and prepare your presentation in just a while.

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