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The Servitization Presentation Template is a set of explanatory frameworks for companies who want their manufacturing industries to service. Servitization means a system of development in which a manufacturing company creates new revenue streams by offering services or products as services. It is an advanced form of the business model for manufacturers. Through servitization, profit revenues are generated from the products still in the company’s ownership.

The Servitization Presentation Template is a comprehensive template covering the basic and advanced servitization concepts. 

The servitization maturity model depicts the effectiveness of product business, traditional services, advanced services, platforms, and ecosystem services. This maturity analysis model can help professionals assess the significance of each service in terms of percentage score. The product as a service, falling in the category of advanced services, can be compared to other strategy modes, and the results can be analyzed to make a comprehensive report.

In the Product Service System Slide, a segmented circular diagram is used to explain those points included in servitization. For example, remote control, smart maintenance, insights, smart usage, advanced service contract, etc. If the company provides its customers with a pay-per-use service, it will also be described here.

The three steps circular diagram explains the services which a manufacturer offers. Each circle represents the levels of services, beginning from the base, intermediate leading to the advanced ones. From each shape, a line emerges towards a description text box that can discuss product provision, condition, capabilities, etc. The servitization roadmap is divided into three steps of the action plan:

  • Service Mindset: Helps present customer perspective, cultural transition, and system design.
  • Servitization Structure: It describes the parameters of performance measurement and organizational architecture.
  • Service proposition: This can be used to discuss revenue, pricing, and selling by discussing supply networks.

The Servitization Presentation Template helps present the servitization or PaaS through its diagrams and infographic elements. Presenters can download this template and make changes according to them. Anything can be done by replacing clipart icons, changing font styles and size. The template is editable using any version of PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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