Segmented Question Mark Design for PowerPoint

Organize complicated surveys with the Segmented Question Mark Design for PowerPoint. It is ideal for any type of marketing survey, or feasibility study. The presenter can summarize the content of the survey into a quick and easy question mark PowerPoint clipart. This reduces dead air in the presentation, and provides visual cues for the presenter. It can be used in all kinds of decision analysis to guide the survey questions and improve work efficiency.

The Presentation template makes use of generic minimalist icons located in different segments of a question mark clipart. The presenter can base the poll questions off the sequence of the icons. Each symbol may be discussed one by one, starting from the end of the question mark. This is represented by a Visa card icon, which in turn, signifies the initial purchase of the item. The presenter can them go through the overview of the survey, by following the flow of the question mark.

The purchase is succeeded by an allotment of time for processing the order. This question slide is represented by the alarm clock icon. The remaining PowerPoint icons, then symbolize the acquisition of the goods from the store or warehouse of the company; the cash payment, either from the credit card company or the customer; the delivery of the item; and finally, the arrival of the item to its intended destination.

Each of these steps can be and discussed in detail, guided through the presentation design. The presenter can go through the frequently asked questions in each phase. This way, the presenter can form poll questions in a systematic and organized manner.

The user can also opt to download other PowerPoint presentations to organize content. An example is the 3D Gear Diagram Template for PowerPoint.

The topic of the survey can range from obtaining feedback from customers about the purchasing process to acquiring comments suggestions about company protocol from the company employees. The survey generally aims to gain this information in order to inform management of any improvements or deficiencies which may not have been spotted otherwise. It gives an objective, new angle of company processes, which reveals imperfections in the company processes.

Using the Segmented Question Mark Design for PowerPoint, the presenter can organize poll questions and allow a better composition and order of questions. The contents of the PowerPoint template are created as PowerPoint objects, allowing the presenter to edit them to suit his/her specific needs.

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