Seed Germination Growth PowerPoint Template

  • Germination Process Seed to Plant Timeline
  • Black Bean Seed PowerPoint Shape
  • PowerPoint Seed Shape with Signs of Germination
  • Black Seed Initial Roots Germination Process Timeline
  • Seed Germinating with Stem and Roots
  • PowerPoint Seed Germinating into First Leaf
  • PowerPoint Grown Plant After Germination
  • Small Plant PowerPoint Shape after Germination Process Timeline
  • Plant Seen Vertically with Roots under ground and stem above ground
  • PowerPoint Timeline in Cartesian Axis with Seed Germination Process
  • PowerPoint Timeline Where Milestones Are Stages of Germination Process

Seed Germination Growth PowerPoint Template is a creative presentation using the growth metaphor of a seed. The template contains PowerPoint Shapes of a seed in the different stages of germination, until it growth into a plant. The metaphor is excellent for processes, stages, or steps, but also when creating presentations for self grow and spirituality. Ideal for representing temporal milestones each stage is depicted through a phase of the seed growth. The templates also provides a cartesian axis with the germination process inside to represent numerical values, and a slide containing the roots below ground and the plan over the ground so the presenter can form the speech based on this analogy.

Every objects is created as PowerPoint shapes, so the user can customize each of the properties. The template can be complemented with any of our Templates, but also can be part of existing presentations.

Impress your audience with our creative Seed Germination Growth PowerPoint Template  and transmit your message in a professional and appealing presentation.


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