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The SCQA PowerPoint Template is a diagram for a framework that helps structure information. It is based on the SCQA framework for defining problems & hypotheses. SCAQ stands for Situation, Complication, Questions, and Answers and the PowerPoint diagram shows these four components as a 2×2 matrix. Four square segments of the framework create a perfect circle to highlight the acronym SCQA. The presentation of SCQA is useful in several situations to structure a message in a clear storyline format. You can use this framework in a wide range of files. A few examples of SCQA are business topics, research, policymaking, or creative writing.

According to SCQA, a story is based on four basic elements are Situation, Complication, Questions, and Answers. The concept divided into these four elements is easy to understand and learn. SCQA creates a logical flow of concepts and is ideally used in presentation of complex topics. For an audience to understand a topic, start by familiarizing through back-story i.e. situation. Present the problems in the complications segment to give an indication of urgency on the matter. Questions add an element of curiosity to the story. The audience pays attention to finding answers to the questions. Complete the topic with answers to those questions to show how complications are solved.

SCQA is a way to structure messages; however, it is also used in problem solving scenarios to define a problem. Define any problem using this framework in the consultation process. The PowerPoint template of SCQA framework consists of four slides to discuss each part of the model separately. For a brief overview, use bullet points template diagram of SCQA. The additional graph diagram is a combination of SCQA concept and pyramid principle used in the strategy consultation process. This graph enables a presenter to frame problems correctly. The SC part of SCQA model shows a relation between situation complication that best defines the problem. The Question Answer slide is where analysts present hypotheses in a compelling story. Also, check our collection of framework presentation templates.

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