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SCOR Model PowerPoint Template

Customize our unique SCOR Model PowerPoint Template to present the attributes of this standard diagnostic tool for supply chain management. The SCOR model is the acronym for supply chain operating reference. This is a model developed by the supply chain council to evaluate the company’s sales and operational planning(S&OP). It measures the efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain processes so that organizations can compare their systems with SCOR metrics. In this way, they can better analyze their actions and whether they are aligned with the business objectives. The SCOR model describes supply chain management in six focused processes. All of them should function properly to maintain the proper flow of goods. It covers all the aspects from sourcing raw products to invoicing the customers for final purchase, including software and hardware, via these six processes:

  • Plan
  • Source 
  • Make
  • Deliver 
  • Return
  • Enable

The SCOR Model PowerPoint Template has two slides with similar layouts but slight differences. There are five vertical columns, with a central broader column. All of them fall under the umbrella of the heading plan. The sections start with supplier interactions and continue to customer interactions in the fifth section, including internal and external factors.  The segments have segregations with dashed lines. Presenters can display the SCOR framework key process names in oval-shaped text boxes on the first slide. The second slide has five columns with the heading ‘plan’ on top of each column. In each column, we have used blue arrowheads to showcase the SCOR attributes, like source, deliver, return, etc, in individual columns.

Supply chain management experts, data analysts, IT experts, and other professionals can use our template in their business presentations. With our modern design template, they can demonstrate their efforts for effective sales operations under the SCOR Model. Moreover, users can also modify the shapes or items used in the template to fit their needs accurately. Download our SCOR model template for PowerPoint and make interactive business presentations today! Also, check our collection of business PowerPoint templates.

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