SaaS Performance PowerPoint Dashboard

The SaaS Performance PowerPoint Dashboard is a detailed reporting charter for showing statistics of SaaS. Software as a Service or SaaS is defined as an online provision of software access available on demand. The organizations that provide this software licensing service focus on developing a flawless user experience meanwhile targeting to increase the customers. Thus, all the essential components of a SaaS report, i.e., revenue, customer or user experience, and costs, are included in this dashboard template. This template is a compilation of editable charts and graphs for visual presentation based on real-time analysis.

The SaaS Performance PPT template slide comprises rectangular shapes of variable sizes arranged orderly on the slide. These sections show the following components of the SaaS dashboard:

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MMR): MMR refers to the monthly income or earnings through SaaS. The Current
  • MMR is shown on the top-left block of the slide using the editable progress bar.
  • Tickets Per User: Next block on the slide represents the tickets per user (the requests made by the customers about the service) through a bar graph.
  • Net New MMR By Month & Customer Growth By Month: These two sections are represented by horizontal rectangles below the tickets and MMR areas. The shapes carry editable line graphs and representative legends.
  • MMR Changes: Alongside the sections mentioned above, a vertical rectangle displays the MMR changes by month, week, today, and yesterday in currency units.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): Our template slide has an editable meter chart to show the NPS score to measure customer satisfaction and customer happiness. Users can edit the attached spreadsheet for changing the pointer positions. See NPS template for other relevant slides.
  • Customer Support: In the customer support section of the slide, there are numerical details relevant to customer interactions. For instance, CSAT(Customer Satisfaction) rate, distribution of top conversation tags, etc.
  • Lead Generation: Another significant section of the slide at the bottom shows the graphs and details of lead generation data, e.g., Stats of MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads), SQLs(Sales Qualified Leads), and CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)
  • Current Visitor Map: Lastly, an editable map shows the recent visitors through movable color pointers.

Hence, this SaaS Performance PowerPoint Dashboard template summarizes various activities and stats involved in the SaaS. All the components, including charts, tables, and text, are editable. You can download this dashboard template and use it in your performance review presentations. Alternatively, you can download other revenue templates for SaaS companies or brick & mortar businesses.

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