Risk Management Process PowerPoint Diagram

Risk Management Process PowerPoint Diagram is a professional and modern presentation with the four stages diagram of Risk Management. The Risk management practices consist of the identification, assessment and prioritization of risks, followed with the application of resources to minimize, or mitigate, the impact of occurrence, and control the probability of unfortunate events.

Risk Management as a practice is a major discipline standardized by several organizations governing the Project Management and Engineering Practices.

The Risk Management Process described in this Diagram consists of the four main stages:

  1. Identify Risk: consists of the practice of reviewing , analyzing and listing the existing risks to the project, plan or endeavour under analysis.
  2. Assess Risk: Risk Assessment consists on determining the occurrence probability of each identified risk, calculate the impact of its occurrence, and determine a weighted average (that depends specifically on the kind of project,plan or endeavour) to be able to compare them to each other.
  3. Control Risk: After this risk scoring activity is executed in the previous step, the management team will be able to prioritize the risks and take decisions over how to use resources against threats. The management team will be able to decide to accept or mitigate the risks. For those that need to be mitigated, Mitigation plans will be created, and resource will be allocated to execute them.
  4. Review Controls: Each of the risk will be monitored and controlled by the management team. Each mitigation plan will be updated with the additional information gathered over execution and new plans will be built for new risks. This stage continues the cycle, moving forward again into Risk Identification.

The Risk Management Process PowerPoint Diagram provides an individual slide for each step, for the presenter to fill with its Risk Management content.

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Impress your audience with this modern and professional Risk Management Process PowerPoint Diagram.

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