Relay Race PowerPoint Template

World Map With Relay Race Clipart
Starting Point to Finish Line PowerPoint Slide Design
Received and Dropped Baton PowerPoint Clipart
Three Runners on the Tracks PowerPoint Clipart
Coaching the Runner PowerPoint Scene
Relay Race Warm-up PowerPoint Clipart
Runners on the Podium PowerPoint Shapes
Race Track with PowerPoint Numbers
Relay Runners Approaching Finish Line Scene for PowerPoint
Relay Race Batons PowerPoint Clipart
Runner’s Starting Positions PowerPoint Shapes
A Runner Sprinting Scene for PowerPoint
Runner Finishing the Race Scene
Handing the Baton PowerPoint Clipart Scene
Runner with Multi-Colored Arrows and Placeholders
Race Track with GPS Icons and Placeholders
Crowd Cheering for Victory PowerPoint Scene
Vintage Telephone with Lifted Handset

Encourage team spirit and camaraderie using the Relay Race Powerpoint Template. In business and corporate scenarios, this PowerPoint design is useful to describe the employees how to reach the company’s goals. Just like in sports, the collective effort of the individual players, the team, as well as that of the coach, is what drives the company to reach the finish line. Preparations should be done, motivations should be given, and connections should be established in winning such a high performance sport. It is important to inspire the employees to keep them in the right track and succeed in getting the prize.

With the Relay Race Powerpoint Scenes, the presenter may explore different areas that the organization has to work on. This includes conditioning the employees to their assigned tasks , and building a good working relationship between the team members. In this way, the team is motivated to complete the task in time, and in competing with other companies.

Moreover, the PowerPoint clipart are easy to understand and can be used as metaphors in the business world. Batons may represent the objective of the company which will be relayed by the members from start to finish. The lane symbolizes the time in which the task has to be done. This makes the presentation more interesting and, at the same time, more informative. Also, metaphors regarding which steps lead to success and which lead to failure are provided.

PowerPoint Icons such as the coach, audience, and podium are also essential in raising the team’s morale. Achieving the first place needs recognizing from the people watching and, more importantly, the coach. These are the rewards for being the winner. Awards must be granted to the winners who deserve it and who made a big contribution to the project.

Customize with ease the PowerPoint slides to the presenter’s theme. The text placeholders, as well as the background, may be edited according to need or preference. Use the Relay Race PowerPoint Template for fascinating presentations about reaching company goals through efficient teamwork.

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