Plutchik Wheel of Emotions Diagram for PowerPoint

PowerPoint Diagram of Plutchik Emotions Theory
PowerPoint Flat and 3D Diagramd of Plutchik Wheel
PowerPoint Circular Diagram of Plutchik High Intensity Emotions
PowerPoint Icons of Plutchik Basic Emotions
Flat PowerPoint Icons of Emotion Faces
PowerPoint 3D Diagram of Plutchik Emotions Wheel
PowerPoint Diagrams of Plutchik Emotions Wheel

Plutchik Wheel of Emotions Diagram for PowerPoint is a professional PowerPoint Template featuring Robert Plutchik Emotions Theory Diagram.

Traditionally, in the common understanding of emotions, people tend to think as each of them as isolated feelings. To exemplify, several state that being Happy is associated to the feeling of joy or pleasure. Robert Plutchik theory states that emotions are related in a more complex relationship and that the origin of this relationship is part of a long evolutionary history. This means that our emotions have been developing along the evolutionary process and have adapted to increase the fitness of the species, playing an important role for survival. Emotions are not only a state of mind, they also trigger behaviors, for example, a predator will generate fear to an individual (a threat) and its behavior towards that threat will represent a survival reaction.

Robert Plutchik developed ten Axioms for his Emotions Evolutionary Theory:

  1. Emotions are experienced by all animals (including humans)
  2. Emotions have been part of the evolutionary process and are present in all animals in different expressions.
  3. Emotions have evolved during time to increase the survival of species.
  4. Emotions have identifiable patterns and common elements despite the form of expression and specie.
  5. There is a set of primary Emotions.
  6. Emotions are a mixture of the basic emotions.
  7. Primary Emotions are Hypothetical Constructs.
  8. Primary emotions are a set opposites.
  9. Emotions have different degrees of similarity to one another.
  10. Emotions can vary in its level of intensity.

Users can create professional presentations basing their message on Plutchik Emotions wheel, which describe the primary emotions and their derivatives. The diagrams are created with PowerPoint shapes, allowing the user to customize their appearance without losing visual quality. This template is ideal for behavior lectures, psychology courses or Human Resources presentations that describe the reaction of employees to different situations.

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