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Pick Shape Milestones Timeline Template

The Pick Shape Milestones Timeline Template is a horizontal timeline concept diagram. It is a detailed model to trace the sequential contribution of activities and milestones through 8 weeks. Users can add the relevant data by replacing the placeholder text with each pick shape. The milestone template lets users present an outline of the sequence of events in a single slide diagram.

This one-pager slide template shows a timeline model, i.e., thirteen pick shapes representing different phases are arranged in a horizontal line. A black bar is placed on these arranged picks that show the time division, and each shape varies in size and color. At the bottom of the timeline diagram, there is a legend that indicates some characteristics of the components of this timeline model, for instance:

  • Each phase is represented with a different color of the pick shape
  • The size of the pick shape represents the degree of involvement of a specific phase in the process
  • The bullet point/s over the pick shape indicates the number of milestones covered in the particular stage. 
  • The font sizes determine the importance of the milestone, e.g., font size is directly related to the extent and vice versa.

The professionals can schedule their projects and effectively present their management plans using the timeline template. Also, the template finds its application in delivering the company’s annual reports to executives before planning for the upcoming year’s goals. This Pick Shape Milestones Timeline Template can demonstrate the project progress overview and necessary details in the business meetings.

The timeline template is 100% editable, and the presenters can change the shapes, colors, and icons used in the template accordingly. So, users can customize the template using all PowerPoint, and Google Slides versions.

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