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PESO Editable Model Slide for PowerPoint
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PESO Model - Shared Media Slide
PowerPoint PESO Model Slide with Icons
Editable Pros and Cons Slide for Presentation

The PESO Model PowerPoint Template is an infographic layout to demonstrate the four marketing media for businesses and companies. Marketing channels and campaigns lie at the heart of brand publicity, sales, and PR. To systemically segregate the prominent marketing channels and orient the practical actions (marketing strategies), the PESO model is an efficient tool. PESO is an acronym for Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned media which are the important marketing channels. Our PESO model template provides an editable design for adding details of each segment in defined sections. Executives can use these slides to discuss their marketing strategy before investors or employees. Professionals can also customize these slides for educational and training purposes.

This PowerPoint template comprises eight template slides. The initial slides show a four-circle flower-like diagram, where each section represents one of the four marketing media. These two slides vary in the background color: dark and white. In the following slides, each segment is color highlighted by greying the rest of the diagram components. Editable text boxes with respective headings are also provided on these template slides for each media segment. In addition, representative icons are used with each title to make the slides engaging and meaningful for visual communication. Users can add relevant details to each editable area of the slides and discuss their points.

Our PESO Model PowerPoint Template also has two essential slides that are:

  • The explanatory matrix slide represents the definition, examples, and benefits of each marketing media. Using this slide, presenters can demonstrate suitable examples for each media according to their strategy. For instance, paid promotion on a YouTube channel, a blog post, a social media post, and referrals are examples of Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned marketing segments for an online brand.
  • Pros and cons column slide with PowerPoint icons. Presenters can mention how certain media affects their brand growth positively or negatively. They can also discuss the general benefits and flaws of each segment.

Thus, by customizing these slides, users can prepare impressive marketing presentations. Presenters can edit the slides according to their theme and add logos or other branding designs accordingly. This template is also available for editing with Google Slides.

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