Orange Cover Slide Design for PowerPoint

The Orange Cover Slide Design for PowerPoint is a title template for the presentation. The slides contain a title text placeholder on top of several rhombus shapes of PowerPoint. These are the translucent figures of PowerPoint having several customization options. The template provides a retro design but is a clean and simple presentation tool. PowerPoint presentation with minimum graphical content is a valuable tool where textual information is essential—for instance, the slideshow of the class lecture, which an audience can use later as notes. Further, the layout is a modern design that can work in any presentation type. This may include business, educational, research, and personal use.

The Orange Cover Slide Design for PowerPoint initially provides a reddish-orange presentation theme. The four templates of the PowerPoint contain two slides with a white background and two in orange. The assorted backgrounds suggest the customization option to the user. In this way, they can choose a different light or dark background according to its topic. Moreover, all the graphics, including the text placeholders, are editable. Therefore, the presenter can change the colors using the custom color pallet. They can also change the size and text properties of the shape. Especially the shape style of the rhombus collage is easily changeable to any available shape in PowerPoint’s edit-shape drop-down menu. Such as, selecting a circle will convert all the rhombus shapes into a process. The users can easily find a range of customization features in the format menu of PowerPoint.

The PowerPoint design of the orange cover slide can benefit those who need to display the information in lengthy text. For example, if a user needs to show complex documentation in PowerPoint. They can create a PowerPoint of bullet list points to present the brief version of a large document. This could be the guideline presentation during new students or staff orientation. Alternatively, you can download other welcome slides and templates for PowerPoint & Google Slides.

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