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PowerPoint Template NOISE Analysis
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PowerPoint Slide Design for Needs NOISE factor
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PowerPoint Template for NOISE Analysis
NOISE Diagram PPT Template

NOISE Analysis PowerPoint Template is a presentation slide template you can use to present a NOISE Analysis to an educated audience. The NOISE acronym stands for Needs, Opportunities, Improvements, Strengths, and Exceptions. The framework is based on the traditional SWOT Analysis model, with some changes in the analysis approach. This analysis focuses on determining the business needs and understanding the impediments involved. This strategic planning approach is used to identify the areas that need to be improved to achieve business objectives.

The analysis framework is based on the traditional SWOT Matrix, with the addition of the Exceptions section in the middle of the matrix.

  • N: Needs – Which are the organizational needs? (basically focusing on the business)
  • O: Opportunities – Which external opportunities can the organization take advantage of?
  • I: Improvements – Which improvements do the organization need to implement to cover its needs?
  • S: Strengths – Which are the organization’s Strengths?
  • E: Exceptions – What exceptions should be considered in the N, O & I factors?

TheĀ NOISE Analysis PowerPoint Template provides a fully editable presentation template, including a NOISE Matrix and five slides to explain where the presenter can include its content to explain each factor. Alternatively, you can download other SWOT templates for PowerPoint & Google Slides. Impress your audience with professional PowerPoint Templates that appeal to executive audiences.

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