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Present important statistical data for mass communications with the Network Range PowerPoint Template. The presentation has vibrant colors and useful PowerPoint clipart that can create eye-catching diagrams for the viewers. The color scheme uses dark, but solid colors, such as green, violet, blue, and yellow.

Network range can refer to the degree of exposure given to broadcasted information. The range is important because it determines the volume of viewers that it reaches. By analyzing network range, a management team can properly adjust certain aspects of the media in order to maximize its public coverage. This information can be presented to investors, to show the amount of publicity that certain plans have gained. In the media industry, this determines whether the project is given the green light to proceed with full production.

The slides contain PowerPoint charts and graphs that can highlight statistical information about network range through different points of views. These can include ratio demonstrations and pie charts, to key performance indicators. The data can include the percentage of the target population that has received a broadcast. This determines the success of the operation.

The template uses a dark blue gradient presentation background. It contains a unique percentage graph, using a vector drawing of a network signal, extending from a phone. Each bar on the signal indicates a certain percentage of broadcast, providing a helpful pictograph for the presentation. Generic person icons can be found at the bottom of one of the slides. The highlighted icons can specify a certain proportion of the population that has received the forecast. A fuel gauge icon, found on two of the slides, can act as a key performance indicator.

The Network Diagram Template can also be applied to presentations featuring the access to internet and connections bandwidths. The PowerPoint Slide Signal clearly states proximity and strengths of a radio signal. More sophisticated presenters, like Engineers, can apply the designs as PPT Signal Processing Templates.

The Network Range PowerPoint Template is appropriate for broadcasting reports, showing statistical analysis of the results. Any alteration regarding color and size will not affect the graphic resolution of the PowerPoint graphics. The presenter can download other PowerPoint Templates for Communications from the SlideModel Gallery.

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