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Negotiation is a dialogue between parties to develop a mutual agreement. An agreement involves scope, price, and terms to agree upon. These terms are anywhere from the length of agreement and payment breakdown to penalties, limitations, or ways to break an agreement. Negotiations can be difficult due to the many complexities and elements involved. There are always too many things to consider and negotiate to reach an agreement successfully. Whether it is a business partnership, the scope of work, purchase, or service negotiations, bargaining skills are key to leadership success.

The professional PowerPoint templates for negotiation and agreement can help design presentations about contracting strategies, processes, and tactics. Business professionals and law firms can download consulting presentation templates as training manuals for negotiation concepts. Teachers can outline their learning for negotiation dialogues using PowerPoint templates for educational presentation.

The Negotiation PowerPoint Template contains two diagram slides for the negotiation lifecycle, giving a holistic view of the contracting cycle. The stunning PowerPoint templates also provide a negotiation strategy diagram with clipart icons to make presentations engaging for the audience. The modern PowerPoint themes of buyer and seller comparison let you document key information about both parties.

The Negotiation PowerPoint Template contains models for complex negotiation strategies, alternatives, and process life cycles. The advanced PowerPoint templates include scene illustrations, process flow diagram templates, and data charts to discuss various negotiation plans. The handshake scene design presentation templates, for instance, are a graphic representation of making a deal. This business presentation templates PowerPoint offers two process cycle diagrams for elements of negotiation. The 3 steps diagram shows asymmetric information as input from two parties to workout an agreement. The asymmetric information are the needs & interests, BATNA, and economics of each party. The seven-element negotiation framework on the other hand provides essential tools to identify goals and prepare offers.

The negotiations start with the needs and interests of parties. Next, BATNA, also known as Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement is a negotiation tactic. It helps identify the best value if negotiations fail. BATNA also helps you determine a reservation point e.g., the worst acceptable price. A good example of the best alternative is a house purchase. If the price is higher than what you want to pay, look at other pieces of information. It will help you find if there is room for negotiation. The last element of asymmetric information is economics i.e., the “acceptable price range”. These business PowerPoint themes contain a negotiation acceptable price range ZOPA diagram illustrating an acceptable range of buyer and seller.

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