Multitier Escalation Matrix PowerPoint Template

Demonstrate how an incident request flows through various channels of your support system through our Multi-tier Escalation Matrix PowerPoint Template. Incident reports, technical tickets, and service requests are routine matters for every service provider. However, all such organizations have their custom methodology to deal with queries. Some companies set up a system of well-defined levels (tiers) in which the customer request is escalated based on the technical demand and area of the query. This process of handing over the customer ticket to more experienced support agents following a standard protocol is known as multi-tier escalation. This PPT diagram portrays this concept by using arrows and PowerPoint shapes. Users can edit each component to make it fit their use case.

The Multitier Escalation Matrix PowerPoint Template comprises two template slides which are also available as background color variants. The first slide is a four-column matrix diagram, each representing the four tiers, i.e.,

  • IT Service Desk: Managing the initial inquiries being the first point of contact between customer service and customer
  • Tier 2 Support: General issues are sorted out, i.e., billing issues.
  • Tier 3 Support: Specialized queries are dealt with by experts in a specific area
  • Tier N Support: (N denotes any number) As the levels get higher; the support team is divided into agents with niche specified knowledge and skillset to address the issues.

The first column shows a flow chart representing the steps followed by the Tier 1 agents, which hand over to the next tier (2) if the ticket is not resolved within the threshold. Similarly, an arrow indicates that if tier 2 also becomes unsuccessful, it further escalates the request to higher levels. Presenters can edit the steps, titles, and arrow directions to customize this matrix diagram. The other slide is a simple 3×4 matrix to enlist the Person Responsible, Role and Triggers When (threshold) in rows.

So, presenters can show a complete scheme of the escalation process from the beginning to the final resolution. All the segments of this PowerPoint template are completely editable using PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote.

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