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Create professional business and corporate presentations applying SlideModel’s Modern Cropped Images Design PowerPoint Templates. This product contains a set of slides designed for users that need to introduce a certain topic through the use of a combination of text and images, with a differentiating layout. The template theme includes traditional slides as the Forwards,  Table of Contents, Thank you slides and section separators. All this slides are designed under the same color palette allowing the user to customize the theme and automatically update all the slides.

The PowerPoint Templates provided in this product include modern designs of picture backgrounds, cropped with a differentiating boundary. This effects allows the user to highlight a silhouette of pattern in the image, giving the sense of importance only to the image within the boundaries. Over the image backgrounds, a couple of diagonal tiles are placed with texts placeholders, allowing the user to describe their topic with an appropriate amount of texts. The user can replace the paragraph for a bold title or an icon.

The amount of texts placeholders is balanced with the amount of image placement, achieving a delicate balance between visual metaphors and written explanations. This effect makes The PowerPoint template ideal for the creation of slidedocs,  descriptive presentations deck that will be uploaded into social networks or just presentation decks that will be displayed during a speech. Its modern layout is flexible and will engage the audience due to its professional details.

All the elements of the PowerPoint Template are 100% editable. Any user can adapt the images and placeholders to their need, without losing visual quality or resolution. In the case of pictures, the user need to take into account that it is recommended to use high quality , high resolution imagery, in order to preserve the details.

Impress your audience with professional modern presentations that combine pictures, icons and text in a professional layout.

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