Modern 3D Cylindrical 4 Layers PowerPoint Diagram

3D PowerPoint Shapes Creating a Layered Cylinder
PowerPoint Flat Design Concentric Circles Diagram
PowerPoint Shapes of Incomplete Circles in 3D Effect
PowerPoint Diagram Layered with Four Cylinders
3D Concentric Cylinder PowerPoint Shapes
PowerPoint 3D Second Layer Highlight
PowerPoint Cylinder Diagram with Thirds Layer Highlighted
PowerPoint 3D Cylindrical Diagram with Fourth Layer Highlighted
PowerPoint Slide with Individual 3D Segment Cylinder
PowerPoint Slide with Cylindrical Layers Aligned

The Modern 3D Cylindrical 4 Layers PowerPoint Diagram is a layered design featuring a concentric 3D cylindrical shape. Each layer of this template has been segmented to resemble a pie chart. It is ideally used as Comparison Chart Table, as a Staged Process Diagram, or as a Circular model. Each proceeding step is described through the subsequent levels of the template’s layers. This Shapes are created entirely with PowerPoint objects, allowing the user to customize fully its appearance.Properties as its size, colour and effects can be edited without losing any of the original quality.

One of the major advantages of the Modern 3D Cylindrical 4 Layers PowerPoint Diagram is found in the ease of use. Offered by the design, created to map four step processes and indicate to your audience the concentric relationship between articles. Similar to a core diagram, the concentric nature of the cylinders provides the metaphor of one concept within the other.

Another practical application of the Modern 3D Cylindrical 4 Layers PowerPoint Diagram is to explain the relationships between four given concepts within the same context. For example, one might use the template for marketing purposes to indicate the multi-layered nature of SEO when used for categorizing audiences. From outside to inside:

  1. General content audience
  2. Specific email audience
  3. First time customers and clients
  4. Returning customers and clients

The PowerPoint shapes use 3D effects and the theme is configured with the default color palette. This features works in all PowerPoint versions, including Office 365 Web applications. The template can be imported and edited in Google Slides.

This modern and flexible PowerPoint Template is a great tool to create infographics and dashboards. Presenters can show complex data summarized through stunning graphics. Users can combine the expressiveness of diagrams with the beauty of Icons. Our PowerPoint Shapes gallery is an ever growing source of visual content where users turn to decorate their visuals.

Create exciting presentations that appeal to executive audiences.

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