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The Mintzberg 5P PowerPoint Template is a business strategy Presentation of Henry Mintzberg’s 5 essential points. It is the 7-slide model presentation with two distinct background color layouts. The first slide of Mintzberg 5P PowerPoint provides a graphic overview of all five elements. Whereas, the subsequent five slides could present the strategy of 5Ps separate. The 5Ps of Mintzberg are Plan, Ploy, Pattern, Position, and Perspective. And, the template contains clipart icons like data roadmap, question mark, stack, target point, and binoculars. These are the graphic elements to represent 5Ps respectively. The Mintzberg’s theory of strategy is helpful for business organizations to identify opportunities for success. The brief introduction of the five Ps of Mintzberg’s theory is given below:

  1. Plan: First, an essential unit of developing a powerful business strategy is planning. It is a set of instructions or guidelines to deal with a situation. The plans are always made in advance and develop purposefully.
  2. Ploy: It is a cunning plan to take the advantage of an opportunity at the expense of others. It could be the weakness of competitors or way of leaving no competitors in the market.
  3. Pattern: A strategy as a result of emerging organizational behavior. But, to create a strategic pattern, one must analyze the market trends.
  4. Position: It is simply a strategy to leave a mark on a marketplace. This way, a company may explore the methods and techniques to make the products and services unique.
  5. Perspective: This is the strategy which takes thoughts and viewpoint of individuals in the organization into consideration.

The Mintzberg 5P PowerPoint Template is a helpful marketing model presentation. It further assists the professionals to design a robust and achievable business strategy. The five slides of Mintzberg PowerPoint template highlight one of each 5Ps separately. Because the presentation of this model has been widely used for learning purposes. These slides contain a horizontal placeholder layout to enter the details of description.

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