Migration Plan Process Template for PowerPoint

PowerPoint Template for Migration Plan Process
Slide Template for Migration Process
Data and Software Migration Plan Template

Project the key steps for your software migration plan using Migration Plan Process Template for PowerPoint. Software migration or solution migration is migrating the data, applications, accounts, and all other relevant components from one platform to another. This multistep process can be effectively outlined through this migration plan process diagram.

The stages of the migration process are arranged in a horizontal timeline diagram. Each circular tile depicts a particular step, and the spiral line between the circles represents continuity. Relevant infographic icon is placed inside each shape, and their titles are represented on the bottom in the form of checkpoints. Presenters can add information regarding each stage in the text boxes below these titles. The first and third slide carries the same structure with the variation of joining line between the stages.

Users can use this PowerPoint template to discuss several stages of the migration plan, which are:

  • Assess: That means checking for data and its sensitivity and planning the migration process. It also discusses the assessment of migration site; consider security set-up and space availability etc.
  • Implement: The process steps that have been formulated during the previous stage should be implemented, and software/data should be moved.
  • Discover: Look for the facilities and advanced features of the newly organized space and dig out the specialties.
  • Operate: Start the operational functions, and in case of a solution migration plan, start providing the services.
  • Manage: Continue optimizing and managing the data and software with the same efficiency as the previous platform.

The second slide is more elaborative and presents a detailed overview of the software migration plan. The stages represented through this diagram include As-Is, Customization and Gap analyses, Data Backup, Deployment, Quality Assurance, and Handoff.

The Migration Plan Process Template for PowerPoint is a descriptive flow diagram. It may be used for a general description of a migration plan or to present the total steps of the software migration process. Users can download and customize this template by changing colors, shapes, font styles, etc. It is 100% editable on PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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