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Describe your organization’s Maslow’s Pyramid of Employee Engagement through the use of the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Employee Engagement PowerPoint Template. This Presentation Deck provides and high level overview and detailed descriptions of each pyramid step using high quality graphic Icons and a customizable modern color palette.

Maslow’s theory of the Hierarchy of Needs, which states that psychological health is dependent on the fulfilling of needs in order of priority, has been adapted to explain the phycologial behavior of employees. The theory consists of the following building blocks:

  • Survival – Consists of biological needs such as food, water, shelter, sleep. In the employee engagement model, the concept is mapped to the Disengagement step with the following behaviors:
    • I’m here for the money.
    • I am leaving when I can.
    • I’m a clock watcher.
    • I’m a jobs worth.
  • Security – Consists of the need of stability, security, order, law, and protection from elements. The Employee engagement model explains this step as the Not Engaged Step. The behavior is around the following statements:
    • I’m interested in overtime.
    • I have more sick days than I should.
    • I don’t like my job much.
    • I read job ads.
  • Belonging – Consist of the need for love, affection, intimacy. Is the step of the employee engagement model where the individual is in the breaking point (or boundary) between loyalty and lack of interest. The statements that define the behavior are:
    • I know I’m part of something bigger.
    • I’m Proud to work here.
    • I might leave if I’m tempted.
    • There are no career development here.
  • Importance – Consists of the need to achieve and higher things, achieve independence and self respect. Under the employee engagement model, it is mapped as the Engaged step. Behavior is governed through the following thoughts:
    • I’m a vital part of the business.
    • I feel important at work.
    • I’m an achiever.
    • I’m really busy and very likely stressed.
  • Self-Actualisation – Consists of the need that requires people to fulfill their full potential. This is known as the Highly Engaged Employees. Statements for this steps can be described as:
    • What can I do for others?
    • I inspire others to do their best.
    • I love working here.
    • I’m a high flyer

All the elements of the Flat Pyramid are 100% editable. The user can customize each step of the pyramid in order to match their theme. The colors are configured through a palette.

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