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Presentation of Marketing Funnel Process
PowerPoint Marketing Funnel Awareness Level
PowerPoint Marketing Funnel Interest Level
PowerPoint Marketing Funnel Consideration Level
PowerPoint Marketing Funnel Intent Level
PowerPoint Marketing Funnel Convert Level
PowerPoint Templates for Marketing Funnel
Awareness Stage Marketing Funnel Template
Interest Stage Marketing Funnel Template
Consideration Stage Marketing Funnel Template
Intent Stage Marketing Funnel Template
Convert Stage Marketing Funnel Template

The Marketing Funnel Design PowerPoint Template is a diagram used for marketing campaign presentations. It is a funnel-shaped diagram 5 steps framework to visually demonstrate how leads follow through the purchase funnel. These levels are Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Intent, and Conversion. The editable PowerPoint templates present a hypothetical journey customer goes on, aiming to convert leads into prospects. Marketing plan PowerPoint templates not only help discuss new strategies but also lets users analyze the effectiveness of the existing purchase funnel. You can use marketing strategy PowerPoint at a workplace or for online meeting sessions using Google Slides Templates.

Starting from the awareness stage, marketing funnel narrows down to the sale or conversion. PowerPoint templates for business let you see the bigger picture of objectives at every level and how to achieve them. You can use marketing PowerPoint presentation templates of funnel diagram to highlight objectives, techniques, and expected outcomes. In online advertising of business services, for example, use downloading PowerPoint templates to display strategies for Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube, and so on with an inverted pyramid. The awareness stage briefly describes click-worthy content to grab audience’s attention. The next stage is about developing interest. Here you express which content makes service a necessity for leads. Discuss what options you have for people to consider the service such as a 1-month free trial. Intent to buy comes from the quality of services. If people enjoy the service, they might convert.

The Marketing Funnel Design PowerPoint Template contains six slides for comprehensive marketing presentations. The clipart icons visually define each level of funnel, making PowerPoint timeline templates more engaging for the audience. Every business and company employs a marketing funnel to some degree. Sales Funnel templates also good for educating staff about the marketing processes. It will help them understand how their role contributes to the process. You can use the great PowerPoint themes of marketing funnel diagram to give brief information about how company markets its product or services through the sequence of 5 steps.

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