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The Market Segmentation Slides for PowerPoint present four types of consumer market segments. Market segmentation is a division of potential customers into groups based on characteristics. The purpose of this division is to develop go to market strategy based on consumers’ interests and characteristics. In this way, a company can effectively respond to users’ needs. The most common market segments are behavioral, geographic, demographic, and physiological.

This market segmentation template shows flat shapes depicting flower petals tied together. The diagram PowerPoint template is compatible with Google Slides Themes for online collaboration. This is a four-stage process for business market research presentations to identify high yield segments. Therefore, this division of characteristics helps organizations to gather shared needs, interests, lifestyles, etc. for profiling.

The Market Segmentation will help businesses to target customers based on different characteristics. This approach divides the market into smaller categories. Businesses can create effective marketing campaigns or find opportunities in the market by focusing on these smaller units. The four categories of market segmentation are:

  1. Demographic segmentation: It presents statistical data about a group of people i.e. age, gender, income, ethnicity, etc.
  2. Psychographic segmentation: Identify factors that relate to the personality of customers i.e. values, motivation, priorities, physiological influences.
  3. Behavioral segmentation: This category focuses on how the customer acts such as purchase or spending habits, user status, and brand interaction.
  4. Geographic segmentation: The customer group is based on geographic boards like city, country, climate, etc.

The PowerPoint market segmentation diagram template contains 5 slides of four petal-shaped sections. There are 4 PowerPoint templates that use gray color to highlight one market segment per slide. These slides also include placeholders to display data analysis outcomes. A simple PowerPoint background of market segmentation slides helps adjust layouts easily according to business presentation color theme. Alternatively, you can download other market segmentation templates for presentations, learn how to do a market segmentation, or explore our Go To Market Strategy Templates.

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